CLINICAL FITNESS – Working Towards Smarter Movement

How We Got Here

I became a Doctor of Physical Therapy in 2017 and soon found there was a fundamental flaw in how we approached therapy. Why do we wait until people are injured before we tell them what they should have done differently? Furthermore, once someone completes physical therapy where do we send them to build on the gains made and to assist with cementing long term healthy habits. Unfortunately, most fitness centers provide little guidance and certified personal trainers are a costly (and sometimes risky) option. Welcome to Clinical Fitness where we bridge the gap between healthcare and fitness. 

What I Can Do For You

Whether you’re recovering from an injury, older adult, novice gym goer or seasoned athlete, I can identify physical deficits that may lead to future injury and address them before they become a serious problem. Minor movement impairments, when repeated over lengths of time, lead to major injuries. Let me educate you on proper form, motor control, posture and joint protection so you can get back to your life and ensure you’re able to keep doing the things you love into your later years.


Comprehensive Upper Body and Lower Body Evaluation

I will perform a full upper and lower body evaluation to assess impairments in order to provide exercise recommendations. Exam consists of strength, range of motion, flexibility and functional mobility assessments. A medical screening including comorbidities, surgical history, and past injuries will also be conducted to modify recommendations to your specific needs.

Medical Professional Guidance That Comes to You

I will meet you at your home or gym, review your current exercise program and give recommendations on exercises to target impairments identified. I will teach you fundamentals of proper exercise to challenge your body with injury avoidance at the forefront.

A La Carte Physical Therapy

The following physical therapy services available upon request:

  • Joint mobilization (improve range of motion)
  • Soft tissue mobilization (decrease muscle tension)
  • Modalities such as Ultrasound, E-Stim, Ice, Heat (decrease pain, inflammation and muscle guarding)


Initial Evaluation


Follow-Up  Visits


Also accepting Medicare Part B with PT prescription from MD.

Clinician Biography

Dr. José L. Matta is a South Florida native and has been practicing in the orthopedic setting for over 7 years. He has experience treating patients of all age groups but has specialized in treatment of active adults who are looking to maintain mobility. As a collegiate baseball player, an officer in the US Navy and a treating clinician he has seen the importance of physical fitness in a variety of settings. His mission is to educate patients in proper movement mechanics in order to safely maintain mobility and avoid injury.

Dr. Matta received his Bachelor’s of Science from the United States Naval Academy in 2006. After 8 years of active duty service, he attained his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Miami in 2017.